Established in 1947, the Waldorf School of Garden City has been preparing students for college and beyond for almost sixty-five years. At the heart of our curriculum is a fundamental understanding of child development fostered through our dedicated and highly qualified teaching staff. With our farm campus in New Hampshire, students’ learning is enriched through direct contact with the natural world. We invite you to discover more about our school’s philosophy and curriculum through this website and encourage you to start with the Academic Life section.

The Waldorf School of Garden City offers a community for the whole family. Parents participate in a range of activities - from doll making workshops to independent film screenings - and share in a desire for their children to develop into sensitive individuals who can make a difference in the world. We hope you find the website informative and look forward to meeting you during a visit to the Waldorf School of Garden City.

early childhood programs

For parents of younger children, our early childhood programs stress the importance of rhythm and security, the need for sensory encounters, and the centrality of play in early childhood. The child's physical wellbeing is the central feature, with an emphasis on warm clothing, organic food, and carefully chosen sensory experiences. Childhood is honored, respected and patiently experienced.

Elementary School

At the Waldorf School of Garden City the content and teaching methods are designed to serve the needs of the child, not for the child to meet the demands of the curriculum. Our lower school program engages students artistically, descriptively, and dramatically. Specific skills such as reading, spelling, grammar, expository writing, and arithmetic are reinforced through daily English and math periods. Oral language skills are carefully developed throughout the elementary school through choral speaking, individual presentations and dramatic productions. Specialty teachers work with the children in French, German, singing, orchestra, eurythmy, art, and physical education.


In our high school, a demanding academic program helps students to develop an independent and disciplined approach to learning. In subject matter, the high school program offers a solid and rigorous liberal arts curriculum. When it comes to college, our students regularly go on to four year institutions of choice. With a thoughtful curriculum and inclusive athletic program that emphasizes healthy child development, the Waldorf School of Garden City’s physical education and after-school sports program allow all students to see themselves as athletes—strong, cooperative and disciplined individuals, capable of contributing in meaningful ways to the larger effort of their team.


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Susan Braun
School Administrator

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Sabine Kully
Faculty Chair


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