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The Library Blog

Welcome to the Library Blog! My name is Ms. Elizabeth Cohen and I am Waldorf's School Librarian and Media Specialist. You can also email me at cohene@waldorfgarden.org. Thank you!


Reviewed by: Caitlin 6th Grade

This book is about a girl named Lucy who just moved to Iowa.  She finds a book/diary that was called the "Book of Story Beginnings".  She writes in the book that her dad is a magician and it comes true.  Her dad turns into a bird and flies out into the imaginary sea.  It's up to Lucy and a boy named Oscar to save him fromt he magical world they created.

Oscar is definitely the most interesting character.  He, for one, time traveled from the early 19th century to way later into the 1900's (and stayed the same age).  In the end he overcomes his loneliness and confusion and becomes a great addition to Lucy's family.

I really enjoyed this book and totally recommend it.  It's a mixture of fantasy and adventure and has three happy endings!

*Picture on display outside Library*

Posted by Elizabeth Cohen on Thursday May, 30, 2013 at 03:27PM

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