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Hello Book Clubbers!!

Thank you for your patience!!

The Deadline to sign up for Book Club has been extended!!!

I have officially returned to school and am ready to get our club meetings started!  Unfortunately we don't have enough students yet to run the club!! I understand that many of you who are interested were unable to attend due to other club conflicts so we have adjusted the start time to allow for those of you with Music conflicts to attend at 4:00.

The rest of you who can still make it at 3:30, please come then and we will work on some other things together while we wait for the others.

I'm hoping this change will allow more of you to participate which will allow us to start our meetings next week! 

Posted by Elizabeth Cohen on Thursday September, 26, 2013

Choose groups to clone to:


We want students to meet exciting people, try something different, discover something about themselves, and see the world from a new perspective; put simply we want students to learn.


There is an inviting atmosphere throughout our school created by happy children, engaged families, and dedicated teachers. As a parent—the opportunity to self-select your child’s peer group, one which is aligned with your family’s values and outlook on the world, is amongst the most important educational decisions you can make.


We provide unparalleled opportunities for children, by immersing them in our working farm, outdoor adventures and a community of adults who respect the natural world.


We take the best of classical education and make it relevant by intertwining the arts with academics, resulting in a synergistic experience that creates deeper meaning. No other form of education provides for an academic experience this enriching, authentic and joyful.


We provide opportunities for children to be challenged while creating an environment that allows them to be healthy, satisfied, and productive community members.


Our school includes a 200-acre farm campus, organic gardens, and a community that values well-balanced children.

A Classical Liberal Arts Education Serving Grades N-12

225 Cambridge Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530


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