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Senior Lunch Privileges

  1. Starting Monday, September 18th, seniors may leave Waldorf school grounds only during lunch period and only to go to the Food Court in the University Center on the Adelphi Campus. All seniors will be required to sign out when leaving for lunch at Adelphi; they must also sign in again when they return to Waldorf. The sign-in book is in the High School Office. Students may leave the building through the breeze-way doors but they must re-enter the School at the Main Entrance (next to Bonner Hall).
  2. No food or drink may be brought back to the Waldorf School from Adelphi.
  3. Seniors are expected to follow all school rules while they are signed out for lunch. Students may not go to their cars nor be in anyone’s vehicle. Any student who does not follow the School’s guidelines will lose the privilege of going out for lunch.

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Permission to leave campus for lunch