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Shelter Building on a Small Scale in the 3rd Grade

Last week, the third grade began our “Shelters from around the World” Block. During our first lesson, the children learned about how the first human beings struggled daily in their quest to find food, water and shelter. At first, humans found places in nature to sleep and dwell, such as trees and caves. Then people became resourceful and worked together to build primitive shelters with natural materials in their environment.

In order to give the students an idea of how it may have felt to be in this situation, I paired them up and asked them to make small scale, model shelters. Looking with new eyes, they walked the nature trail together, enthusiastically collecting items such as bark, leaves, dirt, sticks, stones, flowers and vines. Then all the materials were brought back to the Wonder Garden on the playground, where the children worked together to build their miniature shelters.

Not only did the children become familiar with what those first people may have experienced as they worked with nature, this hands-on, creative way of learning stimulates the imagination…

…cultivates creativity and resourcefulness,

…requires problem solving and strengthens social skills.

As you can see, the results were amazing!

Come to the Wonder Garden and have a look!

See more photos below:
3rd Grade Shelters