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Sweet Peas Program

Sweet Peas – Two’s Program
5 and 3-day options


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Our new year-long two year old program is an ode to the joy of being a toddler. The cozy morning will begin with outdoor play in our beautiful garden and then transition into our homelike classroom. There we will come together for a seasonal circle which includes nursery rhymes, fingerplays, and songs. After the circle, we will sit down to share a warm, wholesome snack. Once we have eaten our fill we will clean our places and then play indoors until it is time to end our day with a simple puppet show.

The safe, consistent, and joyful rhythm of the day has a balance of freedom and structure. This will help the two-year-old child blossom into a bright and capable 3-year-old.

During our year together they will cross the threshold into the world of speech and language. This will enable them to open the door to the social world.

Healthy movement is the foundation of healthy speech. Ample time will be given for self-initiated movement that will strengthen the child for future academic success. Outdoors we might find the children raking leaves, shoveling snow or gardening. Indoors we might find the children rocking on rocking chairs, rocking horses, walking on a balance beam, or balance board, or climbing on large blocks. There will also be plenty of floor space for self-movement and rolling around with their friends.

Songs, nursery rhymes, and fingerplays are woven into the fabric of our days. They will organically strengthen the child’s speech and language development through daily repetition.

As we move through the year we will watch the children grow and begin to be able to relate to one another using their newfound words. Soon they will begin to refer to themselves as “I” instead of using the third person. This is where we will begin to catch glimpses of the children awakening to one another whilst still holding onto the threads of parallel play. Our classroom is well equipped with a play kitchen, blocks, knitted animals, dolls, playsilks, things to climb, things to move around, and things to create play houses with.

Participating in self-care rituals are a vital part of being two years old. Generous time will be given to ensure that these activities such as going to the bathroom, washing hands, and getting dressed are honored. We will be here to support you and your child on their journey to independence with reverence and joy.

Parents and caregivers will be able to stay close by and enjoy a cup of tea in our school lobby as long as necessary to ensure a smooth and gentle transition to being dropped off at school.

Parents will also have the opportunity to join our weekly Parenting Support Zoom.

Parent evenings will center on two and three-year old child development. They will form a community of support for us all to lean on as we embark on this journey together.