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3rd Grade: The Wonder Garden

It has been a fantastic first two weeks of school! On Monday, September 11th, the first, second and third grade classes were introduced to our Wonder Garden, which is the lovely green space on the lower school playground. It is located along the kindergarten hallway, and is enclosed by a trellis, a playhouse and three garden beds. Tall grasses, echinacea, lavender, lamb’s ear, clematis, and butterfly bushes have blossomed beautifully in these garden beds.

Butterflies visit our playground during recess!

At our introduction, the first, second and third grade teachers talked about the wonderful plants that grow in the beds, and the children shared many ideas for activities or games which can be played in this peaceful space. In addition, we teachers went over all the safety rules for this and for the rest of the playground. Just as we had hoped, the children have been playing all sorts of imaginative games during recess, such as bakery, wilderness survival, store, house or family, building little fairy houses and exploring the plants that are growing there.


It is such a delight to see children from first through fourth grades playing together! Not only do these types of activities help children form a stronger community and develop new friendships, they allow the children to connect with nature, develop social skills, cultivate greater imaginations, creativity and resourcefulness. I am so thankful to my class parents for assisting me in creating this space last year, and I am very appreciative of our school for giving us the funds! I look forward to watching the children play every day in our beautiful butterfly filled Wonder Garden.

Written Thursday 9/14/17

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