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Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Alumnae

Waldorf’s Varsity Girls Baksetball Team had the experience this weekend of playing a quality opponent in the annual Alumnae game. The game was a thriller from the opening and the crowd was treated to a great exhibition of highly talented athletes going head to head.

The experience and the powerful jumping abilities of the alumnae team resulted in a down-to-the-wire 36-35 win for the alumnae team. “Although our varsity girls were very disappointed in the final result,” said Coach LeSueur, “we needed this type of game to understand and appreciate that speed and strength are important assets. It is imperative that our players learn: when it comes down to the wire (i.e. “clutch time”), we need to take care of the ball better.

This game was more of a reflection of the type of atmosphere Waldorf has faced two times this year against Portledge. “Waldorf will play Portledge again in February and this type of game helps us prepare,” said Coach LeSueur.

Senior co-captain Isabella Fraim (12 points), junior center Ajanai Miller Randolph (7 points) and sophomore forward Mikayla Ver Pault were all put to the test in a very physical match-up.

“Our girls responded excellently,” said LeSueur, “giving their most physical effort throughout the game.

Alumna and former Adelphi player Gianna Smith ’04 came back to play and ended up with 19 points. Waldorf Assistant Coach LaSheena Brown (a graduate and star player of Mount St. Mary’s College) recorded 11 points. “These points did not come easily as all of the varsity girls did not back down,” said LeSueur.

Senior co-captain Carolyn Smalls kept the defensive pressure on the much taller alumnae opponents.

Though they were undersized, quality play from junior Sofia Trikas (8 point), Marianna Paone (4 points) and Jaclyn Proctor (2 points) – all guards – helped cut out the driving power of the alumnae.

Freshman Skyla Davis recorded 2 points and is gaining confidence each day.

Coach LeSueur and his team had two opportunites, after timeouts with under 20 seconds to play, to win the game. He stated that the girls ran the inbound plays very well but they just didn’t get the look they needed.

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