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Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Knox School

Waldorf’s Varsity Girls Basketball Team improved its IPPSAL record to 03–01 with a 36–09 win over the Knox School.

The team, realizing very early on that Knox was not able to handle the pressure, acted in a very sportsmanlike manner by pulling back defensively and alternating their shot selection.

Coach LeSueur commended the girls for their understanding. “This was not a game to run up the score and set individual records,” he said.

Waldorf’s scoring was led by senior co-captain Isabella Fraim who had 12 points. Junior center Ajanai Miller Randolph had 10 points.

The remaining three junior starters – Jaclyn Proctor, Marianna Paone (4 points), and Sofia Trikas (4 points) – also played very well and had to be resigned to playing very limited minutes in this lopsided game.

Senior guard Katarina D’Ercole, sophomore Nicole Tsai, and freshman Skyla Davis collected two points each. Other players who gained valuable playing experience included freshman Teagan Novick and sophomore Emma Wallace.

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