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Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Long Island Lutheran

Waldorf’s Varsity Girls Soccer Team lost a hard battle game against Long Island Lutheran High School (LuHi) on Friday, September 28th, by the score of 02-03. The Waldorf defense with Carolyn Smalls (senior), Jaclyn Proctor (junior), Anne Flommenhaft (senior) and Zoe Bousraou (senior) started strong and was able to control the LuHi forwards. Midway through the first half, Waldorf had a clear chance when junior Sofia Trikas shot the ball but just missed the net wide of the left post. The first half was evenly fought but an unlucky deflection led LuHi to make the first goal of the game.

In the second half, another unlucky deflection led to LuHi’s second goal. Smalls tried to clear the ball outside of the six yard box but unfortunately the ball hit a Waldorf defender and (heartbreakingly) went into the Waldorf net. But Waldorf proudly continued battling on.

Right after the goal, Waldorf kept on creating chances. Midway through the second half, Waldorf created another change through Marianna Paone (junior) but unfortunately her efforts hit the inside of the post. Right after that chance, LuHi went on a counter attack and scored their third goal.

The final 15 minutes of the game consisted on Waldorf being constantly on the attack. The forwards with support by the midfielders Mikayla Ver Pault (sophomore), Katarina D’Ercole (senio) and Ajanai Miller Randolph (junior) created many chances. Waldorf was finally rewarded when Trikas made a run on the left side and crossed a beatiful ball to Lexie Van Zant (senior0 who scored the goal. Waldorf continued pressing and a minute later Isabella Fraim (senior) put a beautiful ball through the LuHi defense and Paone finished clinically in front of the goal keeper. With one minute to go, Waldorf continued pressing but the game ended.

Overall, it was a good effort by Waldorf. “The team keeps improving,” said Coach Victor Kim. “We still need to improve on cutting down on mistakes, but we’re on the right track!” A number of other players made a very good contribution to the game: Sophia Trikas (senior) and Nyatasha Jackowicz (freshman) came into the game and provided a solid defense. Skyla Davis (freshman) made a number of good runs in the wing. Maria Golebiewski (freshman) was very solid in goalkeeping when she replaced Fraim half way in the second half.

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