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Waldorf Alumnus Mr. Lek Domni Addresses Students about Law and Morality

Garden City, N.Y. – Wednesday, May 4, 2011 – High School students at the Waldorf School of Garden City welcomed Waldorf alumnus Mr. Lek Domni this past Friday. Mr. Domni, an attorney with his own practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, led an engaging forum discussion on law and morality.

The students were enthralled with Mr. Domni’s talk as he presented different scenarios to the students to decide the best course of action given the information presented. The discussion was modeled on a course taught by Harvard University Professor Michael Sandel. In his conversation, Mr. Domni spoke about the ethical “Trolley Scenario” and facilitated a discussion about values, choices, and the ramifications of our actions. The scenario addressed many modern-day issues as well as the 19th century English law case “The Queen v. Dudley and Stephens,” the famous story of a shipwrecked boat with two starving castaways and their act of cannibalism. “This is one of the most important criminal law cases in the common law world,” said Mr. Domni. “It set the tone on the troubled issue of whether the defense of “necessity” should be available in circumstances where one life was taken in order to preserve the lives of three.” Following his comments, Mr. Domni responded to a variety of questions from the students.

A member of the class of 1976, Mr. Lek Domni graduated from Boston College in 1980 and Temple University School of Law in 1985. After law school, he served as a law clerk to the assigned judges in Motion Court Unit of the Philadelphia Trial Court Division. In 1987, he was hired by the City of Philadelphia Law Department where he defended the City and its many agencies (police, fire, streets, prisons, city planning, etc.) in various types of lawsuits, but particularly in the areas of civil rights, employment law and defamation/1st amendment cases.

In 1995, Mr. Domni started his own law practice in Philadelphia where he continues to concentrate on civil litigation, civil rights, employment, and defamation cases. He has extensive trial experience (tried over 25 jury trials) and has argued appeals before both state and federal appellate courts.

The Waldorf School of Garden City is a coeducational day school serving Nursery through 12th Grade. For more information on the Waldorf School of Garden City, please contact Carol Proctor at (516) 742-3434, ext. 129 or proctorc@waldorfgarden.org.


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