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Waldorf Announces Class of 2015 College Acceptance List


The Waldorf School of Garden City is proud to announce that the 27 students in the class of 2015 have been accepted at the following colleges and universities for this fall.

“This year, we are especially pleased with the number of graduating students who are exploring college coursework in science, math and business,” remarked High School Chair Mr. Roland Rothenbucher. “We are also delighted that – for the second year in a row – the Waldorf School of Garden City has guided students into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – one of the nation’s and world’s top universities. Additionally, a number of students have received significant scholarships towards college tuition, room, board and other fees.”

Beginning in the ninth grade, students are supported to make curricular, testing, and extracurricular decisions that serve their individual growth and hone their college application resume. The goal of Waldorf’s College Guidance program is to find and guide students towards the best college or university based on the students’ skills, capacities and interests. Waldorf students over the years have gone on to attend hundreds of different colleges and universities, and report that the background they received at the Waldorf School of Garden City more than prepared them for the challenge.

To learn more about Waldorf’s College Guidance Program, visit www.waldorfgarden.org/collegeguidance. Parents, students and the public are invited to a Panel Discussion with representatives from various colleges that will be moderated by Waldorf’s College Advisor and High School Guidance Counselor Ms. Suzanne Miller on Tuesday, May 12th at 6:00 p.m. in Bonner Hall. The event is free. For planning purposes, please complete this registration form.


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