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Waldorf in Philadelphia

On Saturday, November 9th in the hip Bella Vista neighborhood of Philadelphia, 10 alumni from the Waldorf School of Garden City (and more than 70 alumni from ten other Waldorf schools in the northeast) attended a regional alumni event. The event was hosted at Pageant: Soloveev, an art gallery in Philadelphia. Attendees had the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones – all in the spirit and shared experiences of Waldorf education.

The room buzzed as alumni from sister schools up and down the east coast chatted, caught up, and browsed through the art gallery.

An opportunity to appreciate the depth and breadth of Waldorf education was also presented through the presence of an art exhibit by Waldorf students from across the nation. The exhibit’s purpose was to raise and seek answers to the question, “What is Waldorf?” through a variety of mediums: from a display of sixth grade woodwork; to a hand blown glass purse; paintings; and more.

In addition to receiving a gift box containing goodies from the Waldorf School of Garden City, attendees also received goody bags with beeswax, a block crayon, and swatches of wool.

Photos of the event can be found on Facebook by clicking here.