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Waldorf Kicks Off Its 68th Year


The Waldorf School of Garden City opened its doors on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 to students in the first through twelfth grades with a beautiful opening assembly. Faculty Chair Ms. Sabine Kully greeted the gathering of students, teachers, parents and friends in the school auditorium. As part of the celebration, each of the new first graders was welcomed to the Lower School with the gift of a rose from a member of the senior class. Throughout the year, the seniors are charged with fostering personal relationships and mentoring the first graders. Lower School class teachers and High School advisors then shared a special wish for their class for the upcoming school year. Students in the nursery and kindergarten classes will begin their year on Wednesday, September 10.

With a successful opening day behind them, the faculty, staff, and students at the Waldorf School of Garden City look forward to the challenges and rewards of the school year.


Video highlight from the Rose Ceremony at the Opening Assembly

Photos from Opening Day