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Waldorf Watch: 7th Grade Produced Collaborative Puppet Presentation

On Friday May 26th, The 7th Grade performed a puppet show, “The Fire Bird” for students, faculty, staff and parents. The play is based on the ballet of the same name from Igor Stravinsky, and is a variation of traditional Russian fairy tales about a glowing bird who helps a princess rescue her captured brother.

The show was a collaborative effort between the 7th grade and teachers from other departments of the school. The puppets were constructed by the students with help from the High School Fiber Arts Teacher, Andrea Crozier. The music for the show was performed by 7th graders with assistance from Music Director, Dale Stuckenbruck. The 7th grade also spent some time with the Early Childhood teachers, who are experienced puppeteers, learning about how to put on a successful and engaging puppet show. The EC teachers shared with the class many of the challenges that they experienced when organizing the puppet play at the Spring Festival every year. Many other teachers assisted the class throughout the months of preparation, guiding them up until the performance day.

In closing, the 7th grade class teacher, Ellen Cimino, had this to say:

“It was great to see the children work together on a long term project. I loved seeing them work alongside each other and the school community, and I think it gave them a real sense of accomplishment.

You can see the performance below. Congratulations to the 7th grade for their hard work and for putting on a great show!