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Waldorf Watch: High Schooler Fights to Keep our Oceans Clean!

At the Waldorf School, we love seeing our students take proactive steps to make the world a better place. One 10th grader, in particular, has stepped up to the challenge with notable drive and passion. Drawn together by a common goal, Sophomore Sanaalee Troupe, with other Long Island students, founded the Cleaner Oceans Institute earlier this year in order to educate the public about important environmental issues that impact our oceans.

According to the group’s website, “At Cleaner Oceans Institute, it is believed that if awareness is learned at an early enough age through action and understanding, a culture can be created. This culture, which stresses the importance of keeping our environment safe and clean, will cultivate a generation committed to preserving our beautiful Earth. By starting locally in our communities, taking daily actions to prevent our environment’s demise, and being a part of the consciousness and sustainability, we are safeguarding the rich resources of our lands for the future to enjoy!”

In an article in the Long Island Press, Sanaalee shared that she was inspired to form this group after learning about the many challenges facing our environment, from disappearing ecosystems to climate change, through science classes at School. As part of the Environmental Science curriculum, the Waldorf School stresses the importance of sustainability and preserving the natural world. In addition to academic study in the classroom, Waldorf Earth Day Celebrations are dedicated to activities and learning experiences that awaken for students the importance of maintaining a healthy environment including guests such as the Waterfront Center in 2018 and the Wildlife Conservation Society in 2019.

Great work Sanaalee! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and the environment with your help.