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Waldorf Watch: Isaac Stumme Earns Parents Association Scholarship

Senior, Isaac Stumme has been named the recipient of the 2018 Parents Association Senior Essay Competition Scholarship. This annual contest is held each spring and provides a $2,000 award to the graduating senior who writes the winning essay.

Each year, the Parents Association chooses an essay topic. This year seniors were asked, “If you were to champion a hashtag movement, what would it be and why?” Isaac’s choice #gothedistance, and his winning essay illustrated the ways in which his Waldorf education gave him the drive to give it his all no matter the challenge. He cited how Main Lessons like “Humanity and Idealism” and “American Transcendentalism,” attempting to climb a mountain at Glen Brook in terrible weather, and participating on the athletic teams impacted his ability to think creatively and push himself forward. He believes that his “no-quit” attitude, work ethic and determination have resulted in cherished memories and important lessons because he went the distance.

“I know that all my classmates and I have gone the distance, and will continue to do so….no matter how easy or hard the task is.” – Isaac Stumme

The essays in the contest were judged by three independent readers (all parent representatives) who ranked each essay based on categories such as clarity of argument and writing style.

PA Co-Chair Lisa Horowitz commended the senior writers saying, “Our seniors are aware of themselves and the world they find themselves in. They are all truly Waldorf kids with a modern, sophisticated awareness of themselves and their place in the world. They are exuberant and full of potential. ”

Congratulations, Isaac, on this fantastic achievement!