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Waldorf Watch: Junior David Kissin Partners with World Renowned Music Provider

Congratulations to Junior, David Kissin on his recent partnership with Ernie Ball! Ernie Ball is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of guitar strings, bass strings, and guitar accessories.

David began posting guitar videos to his music page in early January and in just under three months his videos accumulated over 50,000 views.  During this time, Photographer Robert M Knight reached out to David to see if he would be interested in being endorsed by Ernie Ball.

When asked, David was especially grateful to the School for its role in helping him find his success, particularly praising his teacher, Steven DeBellis, saying,  “In high school, The Waldorf School of Garden City has provided me with exceptional programs such as the garage band and the jazz band. Mr. DeBellis has been phenomenal, he knows how to make the class serious while still letting us have fun. Because music should be fun.”

David is excited about his new partnership with one of his favorite companies and continues to post guitar covers and original music throughout the week.

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