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Waldorf Watch Summer 2016: Justice Institute

L to R: Judge Joseph Bianco, Sydney Bossuk, Hannah Behar, Harry Wozniak, Christian Kritas, and the Advisor to the Waldorf School of Garden City Group, Gary Dunn

Summer is usually thought of as a time for students to get away from classes and relax. However, some of our students took the opportunity to expand their horizons, and explore the possibilities for their futures. This summer, sophomores Hannah Behar, Sydney Bossuk, Chris Kritas and Harry Wozniak were selected to participate in the first annual Justice Institute at the LI Federal courthouse. They, and students from 23 other schools across Long Island engaged in a week-long workshop where they experienced first-hand how our justice system works.

The program, organized by Judge Joseph Bianco and sponsored by the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Long Island and the Federal Bar Association, allowed students to observe legal proceedings and meet with representatives from various legal offices such as the U.S. Marshals and Secret Service. The students learned advocacy skills, observed actual federal court cases and sentencing, and honed their skills during roll-play workshops. During the final day, students put their new-found talents to the test in an intense mock trial competition.

The Waldorf School of Garden City team worked incredibly hard, and defeated rivals Sacred Heart and Kellenberg in the first two rounds of the mock trials! The students each played a key role either prosecuting, cross-examining, or playing the defendant and witnesses. They came away from the program with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will inform the way they view the law and government going forward.

“I learned so much about the way our legal system works!,” said Bossuk. “It was fascinating, fun and Judge Bianco was great. I am now considering law as a potential career path. I would definitely recommend it!”

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