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Waldorf Watch: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Recap

DSC_6547In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., the Waldorf School of Garden City dedicated a day to service and learning. This year on Friday, January 13th grades 1-3 busily decorated brown bags to hold sandwiches made by students in grades 4-6. The sandwiches were delivered to the Mary Brennan Inn in Hempstead, NY by the HS Community Service club. In addition, grades 7 -12 heard an inspirational talk by Dr. Melvin Douglass, a current parent, scholar, and civil rights activist. (You can read his bio here)

DSC_6560In his speech Dr. Douglass explained that there were three factors that helped Dr. King grow into the leader he was: his family, his community, and his education.  His family showed him that he mattered in a society that might lead him to believe otherwise. They gave him the opportunity to receive a formal college education where he learned about prominent black leaders and the growing civil rights movement. He also learned about African-American history and oppression.  Dr. Douglass ended by imploring the students to use their status as the future of America to remember the hard work of those who came before them to ensure that the values and ideals espoused by Dr. King could inspire generations to come.