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Waldorf Watch: Sophomore Receives Honors in Chemistry

The Waldorf School of Garden City is proud to announce that tenth grader, Yiren (Demi) Zhang, is a recipient of a New York American Chemical Society (NYACS) 31st annual High School Award. She is being honored with the Outstanding Chemistry Student Award from the Long Island subsection. Students are selected by demonstrating a strong interest in science and maintaining the highest grade point average in their High School in Chemistry.

“Demi is a talented science student [and] she is an excellent student all around. She has an innate understanding of science and readily makes connections between topics,” shared Science Teacher, Carolyn Ver Pault. “She has the ability to see the interdependency of the sciences (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics). Demi has excellent lateral thinking skills.”

Demi will receive a plaque commemorating her achievement. Traditionally, awards are presented at a dinner and reception at the Nassau County Community College. The hope is that an awards ceremony will be scheduled for the fall. Congratulations, Demi!

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