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Waldorf Watch: Sprachfest 2018

On Saturday, March 10th, the Long Island chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) held its 29th annual Sprachfest, a language festival fostering the learning and sharing of German language skills and cultural events. Accompsett Middle School hosted this year’s Sprachfest with over 300 students from 14 schools across Long Island in attendance. Besides the academic competitions, Sprachfest was filled with cultural events, baked goods, artwork, and music.

The Waldorf School of Garden City participated with 42 students from the 7th through 11th grades under the guidance of Juliane Schneider. The following results reflect the enthusiasm and hard work of the students who were able to attend:

7th Grade:

Sasha Kissin 1st place Baking
Emma Ginsberg 1st place Individual Poetry
Sasha Kissin 1st place Group Poetry
Gretchen Murphy 1st place Group Poetry
Chloe Kritas 1st place Group Poetry
Ariana Kata 1st place Geography 7
Ana Hsu 1st place Spelling 7
Ana Hsu 1st place Vocabulary 7
Emma Ginsberg 2nd place Skit 7/8
Cameron Seviroli 2nd place Geography 7

8th Grade:

Skylar Vernola 1st place T-Shirt Design
Francesca Fraim 1st place Vocabulary 8
Flora Meredith 1st place Spelling 8
Colin Li 1st  place Culture Bowl 7/8
Sanaalee Troupe 1st  place Culture Bowl 7/8
Joshua Wang 1st  place Culture Bowl 7/8
Elizabeth Sokolov 1st  place Culture Bowl 7/8
Jack Ginsberg 2nd place Spelling 8
Flora Meredith 2nd place Baking
Demi Zhang 2nd place Geography 8
Bryan Yuan 2nd place Number Bee
Francesca Fraim 2nd place Baking
Jordan Henry 2nd place Vocabulary 8
Francesca Fraim 2nd place Individual Poetry
Flora Meredith 2nd place Group Poetry
Rose Gibeau 2nd place Group Poetry
Jordan Henry 2nd place Group Poetry
Colin Li 2nd place Skit 7/8
Jordan Henry 2nd place Skit 7/8
Flora Meredith 2nd place Skit 7/8
Francesca Fraim 2nd place Skit 7/8
Jordan Henry 3rd place Baking

 9th Grade:

Lucia Carapella 2nd place Skit 7/8
Celeste Parks 1st place Geography I
Sophia Conrad 1st place Vocabulary II (tie)
Jadyn Mardy 1st place Vocabulary II (tie)
Henry Bertoni 2nd place Number Bee
Lucia Carapella 3rd place Number Bee

10th Grade:

Mia Ver Pault 1st place Spelling II
Daniella Kata 1st place Geography II
Dev Krishnasastry 1st place Group Poetry 9/10
Samantha Cumberbatch 1st place Group Poetry 9/10
Owen Chernoff 1st place Group Poetry 9/10
Daniella Kata 1st place Group Poetry 9/10
Mia Ver Pault 1st place Group Poetry 9/10
Daniella Kata 1st place Individual Poetry
Owen Chernoff 2nd place Vocabulary III

 11th  Grade:

Noah Negri 1st place Geography III

Special thanks from Juliane Schneider to:

  • Mr. Fallu for chaperoning this event
  • Ms. Cimino and Ms. Beardsley for their flexibility during the preparations
  • Mary Handerhan, Kyoko Zepeda, Nina Mullane, Kevin Padilla, and Donna Buchbauer for assisting in the logistics of this event
  • All the parents who supported their children
  • All students who attended and supported their classmates in their competitions
  • All the students who represented our school with their enthusiasm, effort, and achievements.

See a some photos below:

Sprachfest 2018