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Waldorf Watch: Students Provide for Local Monarch Population

This past Earth Day, the Waldorf School of Garden City created a Monarch Way-station to help care for the local Monarch butterfly population. Flowers were planted to provide nourishment and a safe place for these important pollinators to thrive and grow.

Recently, Jeannine Davis and Chris Bleecker, on behalf of the School, were awarded a School and Non-Profits Grant from the Monarch Watch Organization. Through this grant, the monarch habitat our students and faculty created on Earth Day will be expanded. Applicants for this grant must demonstrate that they have a land management plan, and that other nectar sources were either pre-existing or were included in the new planting.

Ms. Davis and the Waldorf School fourth grade planted additional milkweed plants to help support the butterflies. According to Monarch Watch, milkweed appears to be the exclusive source of food for Monarch larvae, and is essential for a budding Monarch population. Through these efforts, the School hopes to see a thriving Monarch population in the near future.

Thank you to Ms. Davis and Dr. Bleecker for all your time and support!