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Waldorf Watch Summer 2016: Crystal Zheng

During the summer of 2016, many Waldorf School of Garden City students, took the opportunity to build on the skills learned at School to help them reach new heights. One such example is senior Zhongxin “Crystal” Zheng, an avid photographer who used her summer to hone her skills and give back to the community along the way.

Over the past year, Crystal has spent substantial time studying the art and craft of photography, and learning how to enhance her work. In addition to her work at School, she also supplemented her education by taking photography classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While back home in Taiyuan, China over the summer; Crystal continued to practice her art. One way she accomplished this was by using photography to record important events on her journey to improve the world around her. For example while on a service trip to Cambodia, Crystal was able to chronicle her adventures photographically.

For her incredible talent and efforts, Crystal was recognized with a dedicated gallery (pictured above) in the Taiyuan Worker’s Cultural Palace. In addition, the mayor of Taiyuan recognized Crystal’s work to raise awareness of environmental issues that have affected her hometown.

The Waldorf School of Garden City would like to congratulate Crystal on her achievements.


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