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Waldorf Watch Summer 2017: Sophomore Owen Chernoff Studies Engineering at Prestigious University

Rising sophomore Owen Chernoff just completed an intense summer engineering course at Duke University. The course, titled Computer Skills for Today’s Scientists and Engineers, taught students how to program “using techniques scientists and engineers employ for data processing, laboratory equipment control, computation, and graphical analysis.”

As part of the program, Owen completed 110 hours of coursework over three-weeks, attending classes 6 days a week. He completed several database and analysis projects using J, MySQL, and Python code bases. The course also included tests and presentations regarding the various projects. The goal was to teach students how to develop code and database structures to facilitate engineering projects.

Owen has participated in similar engineering research projects in the past at MIT and the Boston Leadership Institute. In order to qualify for the Duke Summer Studies program, a student is required to have scored at least a 650 on either the Math or Language Arts section of the SAT. Owen took the test in 2016 in order to qualify for this year’s program.  Owen is interested in pursuing both electrical and mechanical engineering and found the program particularly useful in enhancing his ability to analyze research. He was happy to have the this unique opportunity to meet students with similar interests from across the United States and loved the chance to experience dorming on a college campus.

Congratulations Owen on this great opportunity!