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Waldorf Watch: Traditional Greek Dance Comes to Waldorf

On Tuesday March 27th, Yannis Konstantinou of the East European Folklife Center visited our School to showcase various traditional Greek dances that have been preserved throughout history.

Mr. Konstantinou joined three separate classes, the 5th, 6th, and 8th grades to teach them dances that trace their roots back to the ancient Greeks. He and his family have kept these ancient traditions alive through workshops such as this to share the rich cultural heritage of Greece. The 5th grade in particular found the workshop especially enlightening as they prepare for the annual Greek Olympics scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 24th.

We are incredibly grateful to Mr. Konstantinou for taking the time to share his culture with us and expanding our students’ understanding of traditions round the world.

Yannis Konstantinou is an internationally recognized teacher and researcher of traditional dance, participating in numerous seminars across the globe.You can learn more about him here.

Thank you to Iwonka Piotrowska for the photos!

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