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Waldorf Watch: Waldorf Seniors Honored by Senator Kemp Hannon

Seniors Nzingha Helwig and Luna Splendori received the Senator Kemp Hannon Citizen Advancement Award this past Friday, May 12th. This prestigious award is given to young people who exhibit academic excellence and leadership skills, within their school or the greater community. The Citizenship Advancement Award recognizes those who have proven themselves an asset to their community.

Both Luna and Nzingha display the qualities of true leaders, their work ethic and dedication are evident in all they do both in and outside of the School. Luna has proven to be a strong and steady voice for the school community during her time as president of the student body. Likewise, Nzingha has shown to be a passionate, hard-working, and diligent student, who is happy to aid her classmates without need for recognition. Luna and Nzingha are both role models for their peers and highly deserving of this special award.

They join the ranks of notable alumni who have also received this award including, Joylynn Holder-Foster who recently spoke at our 2017 Alumni Symposium. Congratulations to both students on their achievement.