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Waldorf Watch: Waldorf Students Complete 2017 Walt Disney World 10K

Joanna Seremetis and Sara Yuan competed in the 2017 Walt Disney World 10K on Friday, January 6th. The girls have been running together for years, taking part in numerous runs including the Garden City Turkey Trot and the Bronx 5K. This is the second Walt Disney World 10k for both girls.

The girls completed the 6.2 mile course easily on a beautiful day along with 12,600 total runners. They were among the 11,200 runners who crossed the finish line. They look forward to competing again next year.

Joanna & Sara weren’t the only ones who ran that weekend, their mothers, Waldorf Library Clerk Pauline Seremetis, and Teresa Figueira, also took part in the Walt Disney World Marathon on Sunday, January 7th. Congratulations to all involved!