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Waldorf Watch: Waldorf Students Give Back at Nassau County Youth Court

Waldorf students were recently featured in the Mineola Patch for their volunteer work with the Nassau County Youth Court at the Hempstead Village Hall. Several students from the Waldorf School are currently active in this program that gives teens who have been associated with minor, nonviolent offenses a chance to avoid court and receive fair consequences as determined by their peers. Teen volunteers, like sophomores Christian Kritas and Jovawn McNeil (pictured) take on advocacy roles such as judge, clerk, defendant or juror each week where they work with other teens to evaluate cases and then deliver a just verdict that includes recommendations for appropriate actions.

The program benefits all involved and is a particularly excellent learning experience for students interested in community service and in careers involving any aspect of the law. Jovawn McNeil, who has volunteered with the Youth Court for six months, had this to say:

“My teacher told me about this opportunity and I was so excited to be able to help other teens with everything they’ve been going through…I enjoy being involved in my community.” – Jovawn McNeil

We are very proud of all of all of our students who are volunteering their time to give back to our community in such a meaningful way. You can read the full story here. Learn more about our students who have taken steps to learn about our legal system by reading:  Waldorf Watch Summer 2016: Justice Institute.