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Waldorf’s GSA Holds Commemorative Event to honor Leelah Alcorn


On Wednesday, January 21st, Waldorf’s newly-formed Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) met in the evening with 30 students and members from the Waldorf community to honor the death of Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teen from Ohio who committed suicide in December 2014. The service included the reading of a short biography of Leelah, a presentation on trans-phobia and transgender youth in America, words of motivation and a slam poem based on Leelah’s situation before death. After the service, the attendees lit candles, held a moment of silence, and walked a spiral path in the Miller Courtyard. The event concluded by thanking the community for helping honor Leelah Alcorn and for their continued support of the GSA. Senior Empress Helwig remarked, “The GSA hopes to hold more commemorative and informational events in the future and we thank everyone for their time and support.”

To learn more about the Gay-Straight Alliance, visit www.gsanetwork.org.

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