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Alumnus Keith Worthy ’82 Inducted into Springfield Public Schools 2017 Sports Hall of Fame

Alumnus Keith Worthy ’82 was recently inducted into the Springfield Massachusetts Public Schools 2017 Sports Hall of Fame. Every other year a committee selects individuals who deserve special recognition from the many Springfield high schools in the district. Keith was selected to receive this honor, and was inducted on November 18th in front of crowd of over 300 people in a ceremony in the Springfield Central High School gymnasium.

Keith has worked in the Springfield Public School District for 24 years, first serving as a counselor for students with behavioral and academic issues, and for the last 12 years as Assistant Principal for Springfield Central High School. The beautifully diverse student body with over 2,000 students is like a family, according to Worthy. He explained, “I absolutely love what I do and I can honestly say I have NEVER had a bad day at work. We function as a family and our students thrive in the culture we all have built.” For the past six years, the Washington Post has named his school in the top 5% of public schools in the country. Keith is particularly proud of the increased college attendance of graduates as well as how many attend top universities. Keith also serves as the school’s Athletic Director overseeing its 40 sports teams. In the last 12 years, his school has won over 25 regional championships, seven state championships, and two all-state championships.

“No matter what I have done and where I have been, I always remember and value my Waldorf roots,” says Keith. “I feel it has prepared me for every obstacle, challenge, and endeavor I have encountered. I feel I have been well equipped to adjust, adapt, and overcome every phase of my life and utilize my experiences during my years at Waldorf as my most valued references. I am truly proud to be a Waldorfian….My biggest thanks go to my mother Beryl Worthy, Mr. Rose and Mr. Curran. They were the ones who taught me the hardest lessons and I am forever grateful.”

Additionally, Keith has spent 25 summers and 14 winters (and counting) as a counselor at Camp Glen Brook, The Waldorf School of Garden City’s extension campus in Marlborough, NH. Keith’s wife Sandi is a Math specialist in Springfield, and they are both proud of their five children: Giavanna 22, Keith Jr. 20, Ariana 20, Matthew 12, and Joshua 10. His oldest daughter graduated in the spring from Western New England University and his other children have all worked hard to be honor roll students for their entire academic careers and all participate in various causes and activities within their schools and their community.

Congratulations to Keith and his family on their success and accomplishments.

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