75 Years of
Goodness, Beauty,
& Truth


Founded in 1947, The Waldorf School of Garden City has provided a STEAM-focused curriculum since its inception, through an engaging, hands-on, and academically rigorous curriculum.

Welcome to The Waldorf School of Garden City, a modern, organic learning environment. We take the best of classical education and make it relevant by intertwining the arts with academics, resulting in a synergistic experience that creates deeper meaning. No other form of education provides for an academic experience this enriching, authentic and joyful. Choose The Waldorf School of Garden City, because your child deserves an education that inspires every part of who they are.


At the Waldorf School of Garden City, each day begins with an uninterrupted, ninety minute seminar–called a Main Lesson Block–which is the academic cornerstone upon which the day is built. This method encourages students to become absorbed in, even saturated with, the subject for a concentrated period of four to six weeks, before a new main lesson topic is introduced. Each student keeps a record of his or her studies and works at it at home, amplifying, condensing, restating, and transcribing: actions that encourage and enforce the learning process. Through this exercise the student’s creative energies become a tremendous impetus to all further study.


Throughout your Waldorf career, many of your best moments will happen outside the classroom. They will take place while you are making Maple Sugar at our working farm, camp, and education center in New Hampshire, reading a book beneath a canopy of our specimen trees or even a trip to the United Nations. Our close-knit campus community encourages participation, leadership and engagement that add great depth to your education.


There is an inviting atmosphere throughout our school created by happy children, engaged families, and dedicated teachers. The sunny halls, bright rooms, and spacious grounds contribute to a feeling that the school is a protected space where the children are safe, as well as nurtured, in a caring and cared-for environment. As a parent—the opportunity to self-select your child’s peer group, one which is aligned with your family’s values and outlook on the world, is amongst the most important educational decisions you can make.


The Waldorf School of Garden City gives students the skills important for success in a selective college environment. Our graduates are accepted at the nation’s most selective colleges, where they are prized for their genuine intellectual curiosity, their can-do attitude and their ability to engage fully in their learning.


After completing his tenth grade year at Waldorf, Jonathan, lobbied to take two Physics courses with a notable professor at Adelphi University. His perfect PSAT scores in Math and Writing suggested he was ready. Since the end of May, Jonathan has been attending lectures and labs regularly. Jonathan likes that the class “moves at a quick pace” and the small class size ensures personal attention. Johnathan took an electrical engineering course called Analog Circuits and went on to collaborate wit his professor on an Intel project. Jonathan’s mother said: “My son has always been interested in all things related to mathematics and physics. Being able to be on the Adelphi campus has opened another door for him to explore this passion in greater depth and to establish relationships with working scientists. I thank the Waldorf School of Garden City for providing him with this opportunity.”  Jonathan graduated from Harvard University in 2019. Read more about Jonathan’s journey through Waldorf here.