College Guidance

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College Guidance

The College Guidance Office is committed to supporting students and parents alike with each important step on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery. From the introspective beginnings of the search, to collaborating as we identify appropriate college choices, to encouraging students as they put their best foot forward in their applications, and finally, to listening and counseling as they make their decisions on where to attend, we take pride in our attentiveness to the needs and care of each individual. Our greatest rewards come as we watch our students gain self-awareness and confidence, knowing they are prepared to thrive as scholars, community members, and servant leaders in college and beyond.


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Throughout the college admissions process, the chief concern is giving each student – and his or her family – tools to help find the right match: that institution best suited to offer academic and personal challenges appropriate to each student’s abilities and interests following graduation from the Waldorf School of Garden City. The College Office provides support at this pivotal point in our students’ lives when they are asserting their independence, defining their dreams for the future, and preparing for the transition to college.


The High School’s Advisory program aims to nurture the whole individual, operating on the premise that a student is more likely to succeed with a strong network of support and a committed adult advocate within the school. At the heart of the program is the student’s relationship with the advisor, cultivated throughout the student’s four years of high school. Advisory supports the personal and academic progress of each student while also fostering a sense of community within the advisory group and beyond.