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Steps for Applying

  1. Apply Online:
  2. Deadlines:
    Early Round: January 31, 2024
    Standard Round: February 28, 2024

    • Complete application form
    • Complete Getting to Know You form (Early Childhood applicants only)
    • Upload report cards from the prior two years (Applicants applying to grades 1-12)
    • Request 2 recommendations – one from a current teacher and another from a prior year’s teacher (Applicants applying to grades 1-12)
    • Early childhood recommendation: a recommendation should be provided by candidates currently enrolled in a preschool or daycare program
    • Upload applicant photo
    • Upload attendance record (if not listed on the report card)
  3. Class visit:

    • Candidates applying to grades 1-12 will visit for 2-3 days and attend classes in their current grades. During the visit, we can learn more about candidates as they participate in class while giving them the chance to meet future peers and experience Waldorf.
    • Early childhood candidates may do an abbreviated class visit.
  4. Decisions:

    • Candidates will receive admissions decisions on a rolling basis.
  5. International Applicants:

    • Candidates applying to Grades 6 and above must submit either Duolingo English Test results, TOEFL Junior (Grades 6-8), or TOEFL (Grades 9-12) scores, in addition to all the required documents listed above. After all the documents are received, candidates will be invited to a Zoom interview.

Begin Your Application

Please view this video for more context on why a Waldorf education is essential: