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Student Exchange Program

~ Due to COVID safety precautions, we will not be offering Student Exchanges during the 2021-22 school year ~

We share our educational philosophy with over 1,000 sister-Waldorf Schools around the world, over 850 of which are outside of the United States. Our curriculum aims to instill in our children a sense of global preparedness. A cosmopolitan student body is integral to this central aim.

“Beyond just the pure excitement of traveling, these opportunities bring students face-to-face with issues, cultures, and challenges on an international scale.”
~John Boyer

With this in mind, our students have the opportunity to participate in our Exchange Program at one of the many Waldorf high schools around the world and in turn, we enjoy a steady stream of visiting students from these schools in our classrooms. The Waldorf School of Garden City has offered student language exchanges since the 1980s. Students have the opportunity to spend part of a semester abroad usually for the duration of three to four academic blocks (approx. 6-12 weeks). Upon approval from The Waldorf School of Garden City, students are free to choose from any participating Waldorf school around the world and initiate a relationship with a family from that school. While on exchange students live with a host family and are able to immerse themselves in daily life in the language and culture of their choosing, (most commonly French, German, or Spanish) while continuing their education at their host’s local Waldorf School. Upon their return, the student and student’s family will accommodate their partner exchange student for a reciprocal experience at The Waldorf School of Garden City.




Regardless of whether you desire to study primarily on campus or participate in our study abroad program in high school, receiving an education at The Waldorf School of Garden City is international by default. Trust your questions; question your assumptions. Confront the world in all its struggle and splendor. Let yourself be changed. Learn what you have to give.