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Camp Glen Brook
Marlborough, NH

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Glen Brook Class Trips

Glen Brook is the farm campus of the Waldorf School Garden City. Located in beautiful New Hampshire, this 250-acre property includes a colonial-era farmhouse, a pond, organic vegetable gardens, and farm animals. Grades 3-12 take annual trips to Glen Brook. These trips help students acquire new skills, understand the importance of shared practical work to a healthy community while experiencing work that is rewarding and fun, even when it is difficult.

Grade Academic Focus Activities
3 Farming / Housing Animal care, butter and cider making, gardening
4 Animals & Geography Animal tracking, animal games, map reading
5 Plant Life Gardening, tree planting, pruning, moss gardens, hikes
6 Astronomy / Minerals Stargazing, visits to quarries, caves, mountain hiking
7 Teamwork Students participate in group challenges in preparation for going on the high ropes course
8 Maple Sugaring Tapping trees, splitting wood, fire building
9 Geology or Lit Encampment, cooking over a fire, ropes course, canoeing
10 Expedition Students spend three on an expedition in New Hampshire, cooking their own meals, hiking or canoeing, and camping in tents. Enjoy this video made from a particularly rainy 10th grade trip to the White Mountains
11 Cartography Surveying, orienteering
12 Transitions From high school to college, from childhood to adulthood, the week at Glen Brook seeks to develop a sense of personal responsibility in this exciting time. This winter trip also affords a time to explore Glen Brook in a whole different season with ice skating, sledding, cross country skiing, and winter outdoor adventures.

Through daily chores and work programs students experience a shared community. Lessons are many. Just the act of sharing a bedroom, adjusting to one another’s habits, being away from the security and routine of the home for a few nights—all help the student grow socially. “One of the greatest joys of parenting is seeing the wonder and curiosity in your child’s eyes when they realize the greater importance of the processes around them and their personal connections with those processes. Children learn through experience; they learn by seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching. At the Waldorf School of Garden City we keep these experiences alive and central in all the work that we do.”
~ Current parent

Every year between third grade and graduation, students of the Waldorf School of Garden City travel to Camp Glen Brook in New Hampshire to reconnect with nature and each other.

In 1946, the 200-acre farm was purchased by a Waldorf teacher as a place for school children to spend summers away from the city in the sun, breezes, and waters of New Hampshire. In 1973, through the efforts and generosity of Peter Curran, former high school principal, the Waldorf School of Garden City acquired Glen Brook. Glen Brook has been a working farm since 1776 and has been the home of farmers, craftsmen, legislators, famous artists, as well as many teachers ever since.

Every year between third grade and graduation, students of the Waldorf School of Garden City travel to Camp Glen Brook in New Hampshire to enhance the curriculum through active learning and reconnect with nature and each other.