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Early Childhood Programs


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Establishing the Roots

Young children learn best through imitation, through their senses, and through activity. The early childhood classrooms are bright, airy and colorful; filled with the beauty and variety of nature. Large sunny rooms and adjoining sheltered play yards provide a secure atmosphere where the children learn about themselves and their world. Here their vitality and creativity are fostered through imaginative and purposeful activities.




The children in the early childhood classrooms are constantly doing–building, singing, digging, cooking, gardening, painting, and sewing. In creative play, they develop social skills and mastery of their emerging physicality. Through songs, nursery rhymes, movement classes, and fairy tales, they are nourished by the beauty of language. The beauty, logic, and purpose for what they experience creates a feeling for harmony and engenders the development of memory, attention and creativity. As they grow, their imagination and natural sense of wonder will foster inquisitiveness and an intellectual curiosity.

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