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Athletics & Activities

A landscape as stimulating as the ideas it inspires.

The Waldorf School of Garden City buzzes with conversation, bustles with events, and nurtures new ideas. Rounding out rigorous academic activity are our library reading rooms with breathtaking vistas of our pond, plentiful playing fields, organic gardens, and 250 acres of biodymanic farm to explore at our New Hampshire campus.

There are many existing organizations, leadership activities, student programs, and governing bodies you can join on campus—from Student Government to building a wind turbine. Help to create an amazing student cultural show, participate in our sports program or be a part of a student publication on campus. Getting involved in co-curricular activities allows you to develop leadership skills, make new friends, take risks and learn more about yourself.


At the Waldorf School of Garden City the ideal of the well-rounded student-athlete is consistent with the highest levels of athletics and academic success. Throughout the School’s history, its student-athletes and teams have met that unique challenge, demonstrating that academic and athletic excellence can complement each other.

Our athletes are scholars who focus on academics while excelling beyond the classroom walls. Through their participation in athletics, students have the opportunities to build community, develop core interpersonal and communications skills, improve their analytical and strategic thinking, and engage with others to build humility and confidence.