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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice at The Waldorf School of Garden City

Statement of Intent

The Waldorf School of Garden City strives to be an environment where diversity is celebrated and all members of our community are included. We welcome the contributions of all cultures. We provide opportunities for open dialogue and discussion with faculty, staff, parents, students, and alumni. We aim to find common ground.

Through active learning, we seek to explore the many perceptions and experiences of various ethnicities, races, faiths, religions, socio-economic groups, genders, and the LGBTQ+ community. We challenge ourselves to uncover our biases so that we may meet all members of our community with equanimity and compassion. We are a school that teaches our students to value the differences in individuals, and we recognize that there is strength and wisdom in our diversity. We believe a diverse community is essential to an excellent education, and, to that end, we recognize the varied perceptions held by our students help to define the very fabric of our community.

Click a button below to watch a recording of a recent community forum:

DEIJ Forum: Tending the Garden: The Seeds, the Weeds, and the Harvest – The Daily Work of Implicit Bias (4/14/21)

DEIJ Forum: Tilling the Soil – Digging into our Implicit Bias (3/3/21)

DEIJ Introductory Presentation –  Camille Simone (1/12/21)

The Co-Chairs for the DEIJ Committee are:
Lisa Miccio & Karen Talluto

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