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Summer-time greetings! Many of the back-to-school communications you normally receive at this time of year – including the 2013-2014 School-Year Calendar – are now available online. Moving these documents to electronic format saves the School and the environment resources. Please click the following links in order to obtain these messages and documents.


Message Audience Author
Back-to-School Message All Grades Ms. Braun
and Ms. Kully
Family Contact Forms All Grades Mr. Ingenito
Nursery Class Message All Nursery Classes Mrs. Kane
Mixed-Age Kindergarten Message All Kindergarten Classes Mrs. Kane
Nursery and Kindergarten Afternoon Care All Nursery and
Kindergarten Classes
Mrs. Proctor
Welcome to Mrs. Foster’s
Kindergarten & Supply List
Mrs. Foster’s
Mrs. Foster
Welcome to Mrs. Helwig’s
Kindergarten & Supply List
Mrs. Helwig’s
Mrs. Helwig
Welcome to Mrs. Carlson’s
Kindergarten & Supply List
Mrs. Carlson’s
Mrs. Carlson
Welcome to 2nd Grade & Supply List Grade 2 Mr. Herrmann
Welcome to 3rd Grade & Supply List Grade 3 Mrs. Goble
Welcome to 4th Grade & Supply List Grade 4 Mrs. Lyons
Welcome to 5th Grade & Supply List Grade 5 Mr. Lepson
   Updated Materials List for 5th Grade Grade 5 Mr. Lepson
Welcome to 6th Grade & Supply List Grade 6 Mrs. Hart
Welcome to 7th Grade & Supply List Grade 7 Mr. Reynolds
Welcome to 8th Grade & Supply List Grade 8 Miss Gliksman
Orchestra Letter Grades 4-8 Dr. Stuckenbruck
Jeanette Resnick Music Endowment Grant Application Grades 4-8 Dr. Stuckenbruck
7th and 8th Grade Split Foreign Language Classes Grades 7-8 Ms. Schneider
and Ms. Kadri
Welcome New High School Students Grade 9 and
New High School Students
Mr. Rothenbucher
Pre-Season Practice for Varsity Athletics Grades 9-12 Mr. Flanagan
High School Message Grades 9-12 Mr. Rothenbucher
12th Grade Lunch Privileges Grade 12 Mr. Rothenbucher


The following PDF print versions of the 2013-2014 School Calendar are now available to print at home by clicking the following links.

Remember, the most-up-to-date calendar can be found on our homepage by clicking “full calendar” or visiting www.waldorfgarden.org/calendar.

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