75 Years of
Goodness, Beauty,
& Truth

 Welcome to our Live Stream Commencement!

(Read the tips below for the best viewing experience. Click the box below to watch the archive.

To view the 2020 Commencement, click here.


While we are doing everything possible on our end to ensure that you have the best viewing experience possible, please understand that there may be unforeseen issues during the streaming of this event that is beyond our control. Factors that may affect the quality of the live stream include:

  • Your internet speed/connection
  • Network congestion
  • Whether you are using a mobile device or laptop/desktop

If you experience continued buffering or lengthy lag time, consider viewing through a different browser, restarting your modem, or using a different device.

Rest assured that the event will be recorded and you will be able to play it back at a later time after the event has concluded.