Tradition &

Erin Fitzgerald

Movement Teacher
Lower School Co-Chair

After an athletic childhood filled with ballet, folk, modern dance, and (with a sports focus on tennis and field hockey), Erin Fitzgerald received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bennington College in Vermont. Erin Fitzgerald’s career as a movement educator is grounded in her background as a professional dancer and choreographer, yoga instructor, Spacial Dynamics practitioner, and Waldorf school parent and administrator.

While based in New York City, Erin’s career spanned two decades as a professional dancer and choreographer, and certified Iyengar Yoga instructor. She taught creative movement in NYC public and private elementary schools before joining the Ithaca Waldorf School as movement/games teacher and school administrator in 2011. Most recently, Ms. Fitzgerald graduated from the Spacial Dynamics Movement Training Program in Mechanicsville, NY.

Erin is happy to be part of the group of parents and teachers that founded the Brooklyn Waldorf School in 2004.

Photograph by Iwonka Piotrowska