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Faculty Watch: Jeannine Davis Featured at Sunbridge Institute Conference

Last weekend, Gardening and Horticulture Teacher Jeannine Davis was featured in the Waldorf Education and the Lifelong Cultivation of Ecological Identity Conference at the Sunbridge Institute. The conference ran from Friday, November 30th through Saturday, December 1st and featured educators from various Waldorf Schools who help nurture healthy relationships between people and the natural world around them.

According to the Sunbridge Institute, the conference was designed to “take up the theme of ecological identity: understanding our relationship to and our connection with the natural world, and learning how to foster this understanding within our students and our communities.” Over the course of the 2-day event, educators were given the opportunity to discuss the various ways they bring ecological literacy into the classroom to help students understand the importance of their connection to the environment.

Ms. Davis was one of three featured presenters during the conference where she shared her curriculum and its emphasis on the students’ relationship to the earth. She showcased photos of her work in the grades and described how, over time, students develop respect and learn to care for nature while also furthering their education. Her presentation was well received, with attendees expressing interest in hearing more from Ms. Davis in at future events.

“It was wonderful to gather with my fellow educators who are striving to bring ecological literacy to schools,” said Ms. Davis when asked about her experience at the conference. ” I was fortunate to have the chance to share the work I have done with students at our School over the past 13 years, and I was grateful for the opportunity.”