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Faculty Watch: Mrs. Beardsley Marched in New York Veteran’s Day Parade

Janelle Beardsley pictured with her husband, Ed Wittkofski, wearing the uniform of a U.S. Army battalion supply sergeant of the 332nd Infantry Regiment who served on the Italian Front during WWI.

Eighth grade teacher,  Janelle Beardsley, marched with the East Coast Doughboys and the Long Island Living History Association in Monday’s Veteran’s Day Parade in New York City. This year’s parade marked the centennial anniversary of the official end of World War One. The armistice (end of the fighting) was signed between the Central and Allied commanders on November 11, 1918.

Mrs. Beardsley was one of 8 women who marched yesterday with the Doughboys at the front of the parade. She wore the uniform of a U.S. Army Signal Corps Telephone Switchboard Operator. There were 223 bilingual French-English telephone operators trained by the U.S. Army to operate the telephone switchboards behind the trenches in northern France. They were called “Hello Girls.” Earlier this year, Mrs. Beardsley attended an event honoring the Hello Girls.

Congratulations to Mrs. Beardsley for taking her time to honor veterans on this important national holiday.


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