WSGC 4th Grader takes home 2nd Place Prize at New York International Fine Art Competition

Nadia Sayed, a 4th grader at The Waldorf School of Garden City, won 2nd place in the New York International Fine Art Competition, in the under 15 years old category.  According to their website, “NYIFAC [New York International Art Competition] was established to to provide an opportunity to young artists to objectively analyze their artworks through critical evaluation and encourage the growth of their creative minds.”

Nadia’s prize-winning piece, Yosemite Reflections, oil paint.

Nadia began painting with her mother, Aruna, when she was two years old. The two have always enjoyed painting and crafting, and started a blog, Celebrate Life With Us, to memorialize the process and projects. When she was in kindergarten, Nadia hosted an art exhibition and sold her pieces for charity. This turned into an annual event for her birthday to give back in her own way. Due to Covid, the family has moved to hosting online auctions of her paintings. Nadia has raised over $800 for charity through her art to date.

Congratulations, Nadia, on all your artistic and charitable accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what you create in the future. 

Nadia displaying her art for one of her at-home charity art shows.

You can follow Naida and Aruna’s journey on their blog, Celebrate Life With Us, as well as on Facebook and Instagram!