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Field Day 2011

Imagine our playing fields with over 100 students from the 4th through 8th grades engaged in creative warm-ups and cheers lead by the 8th grade students and you’ll get a glimpse of why we dedicate an afternoon to Field Day (a.k.a. “Red and Blue Day”). Our 8th graders found many moments to shine in their leadership roles and, as usual, the younger students cherished this time to play with the “big kids.” Creating mixed-age opportunities, where the older students take on responsibility and leadership roles, strengthens our foundation as a school. It offers a living experience of the Waldorf School Spirit and punctuates the fun that naturally lives in a healthy childhood. New this year was a combination “Word Scramble/Treasure Hunt Relay” that required brain-power and speed and included over 20 clues hidden all over our 10-acre campus. “While Team Blue won the difficult Treasure Hunt, our congratulations to Team Red who won with 411 points,” said Physical Education Teacher Bonnie Bolz. “With the final scores at 407 to 411, even though Team Red finished first there was a feeling of accomplishment all around!”

Click the following YouTube video to see some highlights from Field Day 2011.