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The 10th Grade Performs, A Human Write

Annually, the Waldorf School of Garden City gives the sophomore class the opportunity to showcase their talents and collaborative work through a play. Last weekend, the Class of 2023 performed the award-winning play,  A Human Write by Amy Sutton to the first live audience in over a year, with Covid health protocols in place. The one-act play looked at how we are creators of our own stories as the writer grappled not only with his writing but also with his personal life. The chorus revealed the writer’s inner thoughts – sometimes cogent, sometimes chaotic – come to life as the surreal became real.

The sophomore class worked diligently and creatively to put together a production that included tablets to showcase the student-actors who were not able to be on campus. The run-time was approximately 25-minutes and was performed 8 times over 3 days. Overall, the students put together a beautiful production in the outdoor gazebo giving them the chance to work together, build trust, learn more about one another, and put on an entertaining and meaningful show.

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Theatre: A Community Experience