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Waldorf Graduate Mr. Daniel Foster Addresses Students about Peace Corps

High School students and teachers at the Waldorf School of Garden City welcomed Daniel Foster a graduate of the class of 2003 back to share his post-Waldorf experience volunteering in the United States Peace Corps.

Daniel is currently half way through his 27-month Peace Corps commitment, serving as a Natural Resources Conservation Volunteer in a small town south of Quito, Ecuador, called Amaguaña. Mr. Foster spoke about his experience of becoming accustomed to a new culture and community. Sharing one observation he said, “It’s been a welcomed change to live a simpler lifestyle without so many technological distractions. This freedom seems to allow people to form stronger connections with each other – creating stronger bonds of community. In Ecuador, we like to know our neighbors.”

Mr. Foster also talked about the community projects he is involved in at his post, which includes teaching elementary school students about water conservation at an ecological reserve, and he also works with a women’s group of organic gardeners. His future work includes facilitating the formation of eco-clubs and helping local beekeepers organize into cooperatives as potential projects.

Looking back on his experience at the Waldorf School, Daniel noted that class trips to Glen Brook helped him nourish a sense of environmental stewardship while the school’s curriculum taught him to solve problems creatively – qualities vital to his work in the Peace Corps. He further shared, “Waldorf helped me to cultivate a holistic understanding of the world. When we recognize the significance of this gift, it’s impossible to ignore the responsibility to use it for the common good.”

Mr. Foster closed his presentation with three tips for the students: live simply, serve others and practice humility. Following his comments, Mr. Foster responded to a variety of questions from an engaged student body.

After graduating from the Waldorf School of Garden City in 2003, Daniel Foster obtained an undergraduate degree in environmental science and philosophy from the University of Scranton. He also worked as a land steward at Camp Glen Brook for 2009 and 2010.