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Waldorf Watch: Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble at WSGC

On Thursday March 8th, we happily welcomed The Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble to the School, where they offered lively performances for our Lower and High School Students.

For lower school students, the Ensemble performed The Lady & the Lion, a Grimm’s fairy tale about a lady’s quest to save her father from a fierce lion. Later, for the high school, they prepared a special program to showcase the many different aspects of eurythmy, including movement to a wide variety of poetry and musical pieces, as well as solo, duo, and group work.  The music ranged from romantics, like Chopin, to the 20th century with Burghardt. The poetry brought to life the sonnets of Shakespeare, the dreamlike world of Yeats, and the somber scenery of TS Eliot’s Wasteland.

The Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble, a professional eurythmy company, tours internationally. They are well-known for their performance of the Ballade in G minor by Frederick Chopin, which they performed for our high school, as well as a selection of poetry and other music pieces.

Thank you to the Ensemble for giving our community this very special opportunity!

Photo courtesy of Eurythmy.org
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