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Waldorf Watch: Fiona Somers Honored by Senator Kemp Hannon

Today, during the High School Assembly, Senior Fiona Somers received the Senator Kemp Hannon Citizen Advancement Award. This prestigious award is given to young people who exhibit academic excellence and leadership skills, within their school or the greater community. The Citizenship Advancement Award recognizes those who have proven themselves an asset to their community.

During her time at Waldorf, Fiona has displayed many qualities befitting of this honor both inside and outside the School. She has diligently run the snack stand, which earlier this year donated over $1,500 to support a number of local and international charities like Doctors without Borders. She has also donated large portions of her time working to help dogs who are in need of loving homes.  Fiona has done all these things while maintaining excellent grades and serving as a role model for her fellow students.

Congratulations to Fiona for this achievement and good luck next year at Dickinson University!